I LOVE Halloween! From the falling leaves, cool nights, decorations, to the Halloween treats, it is a season that my entire family gets excited about. 

I’ve hunted down only the best Halloween treats for you to devour this year. You’ll find a witch’s cauldron, some spooktacular ghost treats, all the way to a jack’o lantern fright! Get those whisks ready… it’s time to make some wicked Halloween treats! 

Wicked Halloween Treats

Cauldron Cupcakes
Every witch needs her cauldron to whip up magical potions. This one just happens to be sweet!

Ghosts in the Graveyard Halloween Dessert Shooters
A homemade recipe with the convenience of pudding, cookies, and a little bit of whipped cream magic. 

Gory Brain Food
This recipe shows us how one ingredient can give a well-known dish one creepy appearance. The perfect way to give your family or guests a scare. 

Zombie Fingers
Yep! You read that right… serve up some zombie parts at your next Halloween shindig! 

Mummy Brownies
Easy to make Halloween treat! All you need is your favorite brownie recipe, some frosting and a few candy eyes!

Jack O Lantern Twinkies
Another easy dessert! These are sure to be a crowd pleaser too!

Hotel Transylvania Blobby Meringue Cookies
All-time favorite movie in our home just got a little more interesting with these creative meringue cookies! It’s time have a movie night featuring Hotel Transylvania and serve these Blobby Cookies as a treat! 

Full Moon and Bat Silhouette Cookies
This tutorial gives you a step by step lesson on how to decorate full moon cookies with bat silhouettes. Time to put your art skills to the test.

Spooky Monster Halloween Bark
Super easy and festive Halloween treat recipe! You could even use this idea to use up all of that Halloween candy!

Monster Pops
Use marshmallows to make this sweet treat. 

Poison Apples
If you really want to turn an evil witch this Halloween, prepare some of these poison apples. They will never disappoint! 

Spider Cupcakes
These creepy crawly Halloween treats are made with one of my favorite cookies… Oreos!

Black Cat Cookies
Speaking of Oreos! Here is another wickedly easy Halloween treat to make! 

Werewolf Cupcakes
I absolutely ADORE these cupcakes! They are so fitting for your Halloween Tablescape

Graveyard Chocolate Bark
Put those bones on display with this easy and unique Halloween treat. 

Skeleton Cupcakes
Here is another creative cupcake to bake! One of my favorite bloggers came up with this gem. She used pretzels dipped in white chocolate

I’m so excited for the Halloween season! How about you? What wicked Halloween treats will you be making this year? Share your favorites with me in the comments! 

Wicked Halloween Treats - Thistle Hill