Keep your special needs kiddo safe with the best GPS tracker for kids. With real-time monitoring, the call in feature, and more there will be no more panic attacks.

Keeping my autistic eloper safe is at the top of my list of priorities. My first go to tool to keep him safe is the AngelSense GPS tracker for kids. 

My son Jay was diagnosed with autism when he was 4 years old. It took several years of waiting, tests, endless paperwork, doctor appointments, and stumbles and falls while we waited for a definite answer on what was going on with our youngest kiddo. 

Jay is a blessing. He’s actually my rainbow baby, which made his arrival even more special. He’s the baby of our family. Doted on by his two older brothers, me and my husband. When Jay was a baby, he hit his milestones as we expected. 

It wasn’t until he was about 18 months that we started to notice he wouldn’t speak. We brought it up to his pediatrician and that was the beginning of his autism diagnosis. 

Besides his lack of verbal communication and his high anxiety towards social situations, one symptom Jay started displaying was eloping. He would randomly run away at any given time. This could be when we were walking out to the car, in a parking lot, at the park, visiting his brother’s school, and there were even times he would run straight out the front door. 

There have been several times during the many years of being a mother that have scared me half to death, but when I realized I had a runner on my hands, the entire situation changed. I felt overwhelmed with thoughts. How am I going to keep this little boy safe?

Why AngelSense is the Best GPS Tracker for Kids - Thistle Hill

Why AngelSense is the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

We started by securing the doors in our home with a few additional locks and alarms. After some research, I came across some information about AngelSense

I found out it is about the size of a small cell phone. It comes inside of a sleeve and is secured to clothing with magnetic pins. AngelSense offers some very unique features that set it apart from other GPS trackers for kids. 

AngelSense Features 

  • Listen In
  • Alarm
  • Indoor Search
  • 2 Way Voice
  • Runner Mode
  • First Responder Alert
  • Timeline View
  • Unknown Place Alert
  • ETA Feature

It’s very simple to use. Charge the device as you would a cell phone, slip it into the sleeve, attach the device to either your child’s clothing or one of the AngelSense clothing accessories, and that’s it. 

Track your child through the AngelSense app. You can set up locations, boundaries, and users with a few simple steps. 

One of my favorite features of AngelSense is that I can listen in to my son’s surroundings. This has really helped me being able to check on my kiddo without disrupting his day at school. It eases my mind to know that he is being cared for up to my standards. It is very difficult being a parent to a non-verbal child because even though you have an idea of how he is being cared for, those specific questions never get answered.

If you need any additional help with your AngelSense device, I suggest joining the AngelSense Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get advice, and learn some pretty cool tricks about this GPS device. 

AngelSense has given me a way to provide that security my special needs son deserves.  

Besides using AngelSense, there is another very important tool to use when keeping your special needs child safe. I refer to it as mommy’s gut. Always, always listen to your gut instincts. They never lie. And don’t expect this gut instinct to yell in your ear, most of the time, it only whispers. It is up to us as the guardians of these angels, to listen to that voice. 

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