Finding unique and cool gift ideas is tough!


It takes a lot of legwork and research to locate a present that will light up the receiver’s face.


Luckily for me (and You!) my work requires me to spend a significant amount of time on


Thanks to this necessity I have come across some very fun and unique gift ideas to share with you!


This page is dedicated to giving you gift ideas. Lists will be added regularly to lift the gifting burden.


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Let’s get to these interesting and unique finds on Amazon!

20+ Insane Fortnite Gift Ideas

Hands up for all the households who have been taken over by Fortnite! For all of those kids that want to get the W, check out these 20+ insane Fortnite gift ideas! Racing to first place is the most important task of the day.  Now onto the second most important task of...

Slime Green Gift Ideas You Have to See to Believe

These slime green gift ideas will give your gift-giving game a spin in the right direction.  Slime green is a color that sticks out more than most. I have speckles of it around my house because my boys love the color. It jumps out at you and demands your attention......

Avocados from Amazon

  Avocados from Mexico! I can hear the jingle playing now. Don't deny it... let the catchy tune bounce around while you pick up some of these fun and incredible items that revolve around the goodness of avocados from Amazon.  Sporting avocados have taken on an...