Here are some of my boy’s favorite silly monster stuff that I had to share with you!

You can use these fun finds all year round, but it is also a great way to put a fun spin on Halloween. These little critters also make fantastic gift ideas! 

I’ve even included a few freebies! Scroll down to find printable Monster Bookplates and a Monster Coloring Book! 

From pencil pouches, mugs, movies, and books… this list of silly monster stuff will put a big smile on your face. I even have an adorable monster costume to share with you! 

Let’s take a look at the books first!

Monster Books for Kids

One unexpected thing my boys have done is turn a somewhat frightening subject, monsters, into a fun and adorable subject. After all…. it does kind of take after them, adorable, silly, little terrors 😉 

The Monster at the End of This Book: Reading this book has become a family tradition that started when I was young. It is a great way to get a little scare in the cutest of ways, through lovable, furry, old Grover the monster. Don’t forget to pick up the second version of this book, Another Monster at the End of this Book

I Love You Stinky Face: Kids will be reassured of mama’s love through the silliest of scenarios. They will find that mama’s love endures even if her child turns into a green swamp monster! You can read more adventures from Stinky Face in Goodnight Stinky Face, I Miss You Stinky Face, and You Can Do it Stinky Face

Miss Nelson Is Missing!: The students who go to class in room 207 begin to regret their naughty behavior when Miss Viola Swamp (a monster of a substitute teacher!) takes their sweet teacher’s place. Learn all about their adventures while they wait until Miss Nelson is Back. If you love this book as much as our family does, you can get the entire series of Miss Nelson’s Books

Monsters Love School: This book takes a look inside of a monster school! As the monsters head back to school for their first day of the year, they soon realize how much fun they are having, even though they are learning.  

Sam’s Sandwich: Brothers can be such monsters! When Sam’s sister wants a sandwich, he knows exactly what to slip in between the lettuce and tomatoes. You’ll have to guess by the rhyming text and pictures to guess! 

Where the Wild Things Are: An all time favorite book for so many families. This is a mandatory book to keep on your bookshelves. Nowadays, you can also pick up your very own Max’s Crown, Max’s Costume, and even a Where the Wild Things Are T-Shirts.

The Color Monster Pop Up Book: Learn about your feelings as you read this colorful story. The little monster in this book can be very relatable to your very own monster!

Free Printable Monster Bookplates

Some of my most prized possessions are books that were given to me by my family. I have some with scribbled notes from my mom, dad, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends, and even my grandparents. These scribbles, although meaningless to everyone else, have given me such comfort. Not just now, but since they were given to me many, many years ago.

To give your book selections a little more personalization, I created some Monster Bookplates for you to use. Grab a pack of Sticker Sheets and get to printing. These bookplates can be used for any occasion including birthdays. All you have to do is print them out. Just click on the link below! 

Printable Monster Bookplates

Printable Monster Bookplates - Thistle Hill

Once the bookplates have printed, cut them out and stick one inside the cover of any book. 

I need to give a huge shout out for the adorable monster graphics that were made by Prettygrafik Design. You can visit the Prettygrafik Design Etsy Shop to get your hands on some downright adorable clipart. 

Keep on scrolling for more Silly Monster Stuff! 

Silly Monster Stuff - Thistle Hill

Silly Monster Movies

Here are some of our favorite family monster movies! Don’t forget to add your favorites in the comments…. we’re sure to have one monster of a list. 


Monsters vs. Aliens: A few not so ordinary heroes save the day in this adorable monster flick. 

Monster House: This monster movie is a tad bit scary for younger kiddos. My boys had to ease into this one, but once they watched it with me by their side, they absolutely LOVE it. My oldest (he’s in his teens now) will still watch this on occasion with the family. 

Monster’s IncThis along with Monster’s University is a very entertaining and fun flick to watch with the family. You can never have enough of Mike and Sully. 

Hotel Transylvania: When Dracula’s daughter turns 118, he experiences everything a parent would normally when their little bats are getting ready to fly from the cave. Adorable, funny, and very entertaining. Don’t forget to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 to continue the story! 

Home:  When a little alien feels out of place, he creates one monster of a mess. But in the end, friendship, love and family win!

Ahhhhh! Real Monsters: Ok, so technically this is a t.v. show, regardless, it is full of stinky, silly monsters which makes it a must watch. This series is one of my childhood favorites. 

Fun Silly Monster Stuff!

Here are all of the other gadgets, toys, and other silly monster stuff I think both you and your kids will enjoy! 

Plush Monster Bowling Game: Set them up and knock them down with this fun plush bowling set. Perfect to set up in a hallway on a rainy day. It definitely helps get the wiggles out! 

Monster Snack Keeper & Sippy Cup Set: Kids get a kick out these food containers that are in the shape of monsters. You’ll have to stick your hand inside of the monster’s mouth to get a snack! 

Monster Feet: Become a stomping monster with this pair of huge green monster feet! Great way to practice your balancing skills. 

Monster Pencil Case: The zipper on this pencil case becomes the monster mouth. An adorable way to keep all those pens and pencils in their place. There are a variety of Monster Pencil Cases to choose from! 

Monster Top Pencils: Fill up your monster pencil case with these monster pencils! They would also make a great non-candy trick-or-treat option, as well as these monster erasers

Monster Cupcake Decorating Kit: Perfect for a birthday celebration, or for no reason at all. These simple decorations turn a cupcake into an adorable edible monster. 

Monster Rubber Duckies: Bathtime isn’t even safe from silly monsters! These adorable critters are a splash with the kids. 

Monster Coffee Cup with Cookie Slot: Ditch the plate when you’re enjoying cookies with your favorite beverage…. this silly monster will hold them in his mouth instead. Take a minute to check out all of the other amazing Monster Coffee Cups. There’s even a Sulley mug

Monster Factory Board Game: Whoever builds their monster first wins the game! A great addition to game night. 

Monster Lab: Make your own monsters with the help of shrinky dinks! Yes… they are definitely for boys too. 

Blaze and the Monster Machines: My youngest, J, loves Blaze. Not only is this series fun and cute, it is full of educational and social tidbits. 

Monster Craft Supplies

Making monsters takes place all year in my home. As I’ve mentioned, all of my boys are infatuated with monsters, which makes crafting monsters an absolute necessity! Take a look at these must have monster craft supplies and pick out a few to keep on hand for all of your monster crafting needs. Your kiddos will be able to create some MONSTER crafts! 

Assorted Googly Eyes: Big, small, glow-in-the-dark, and everything in between…. this set has it all. You will never need another set of eyes. Get a set of construction paper and some glue sticks to help complete your monster creation. 

Monster Box Buddies Papercraft: With a few folds, and some glue, you can make your own little monster crew with this papercraft kit. Perfect for birthday parties, rainy days, 

Monster Sewing Workshop Kit: Learn how to sew by creating your very own little monster! It comes with everything you need to make a snuggle monster. 

Paper Bag Monster Kit: Turn paper bags into monster puppets with this craft kit. With so many supplies, kids are able to make any monster that their little hearts desire. 

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Monster Truck Craft Kit: What’s a monster post without the monster truck! Only with this one, you get to design and paint it just how you like. 


As you can see, silly monster stuff has taken over my life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! Especially with all of these amazing monster memories, we are creating with my boys. Life is full of ups and downs, but those kids make it all worth the work. 



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