These slime green gift ideas will give your gift-giving game a spin in the right direction. 

Slime green is a color that sticks out more than most. I have speckles of it around my house because my boys love the color. It jumps out at you and demands your attention… the same way your kids might when they need something now, now, now. 

To spread the slime green love, I had to put all of my favorites on a list for you to explore. Don’t worry, these slime green gift ideas aren’t just meant for the kiddos, I’ve also found some pretty fun things for the adults to join in on the slime green fun.

Let’s get to it.

Slime Green Gift Ideas You Have to See to Believe

Slime Green Gummy Bears
Luckily, these taste nothing like slime, but more like green apple candy. Sweet!

Slime Green Gumball Pillows
Its okay, I give you permission to bury your face in this fluff of slime green. Give it a try, it will not disappoint!

Slime Green Mini Fridge
So beyond perfect for the garage or maybe even your office. Can’t seem to get enough of this green.

Slime Green Desk Lamp
Shine some light on this lovely slime green color! The perfect way to add a little pop of slime in your home decor. 

Slime Green Electric Guitar
Because what is more electric than slime green?! Nothing… absolutely nothing!

TMNT Doc Martens Boots for Kids
Thinking of sporting these myself. I have loved this brand since I was a teenager when my mom bought me a pair. Love them! Nothing better than a pair of Doc Marten boots to wear. These things last forever! Check out Amazon’s Doc Martens Page for a huge selection of everlasting boots. 

The Green Goop Grid Notebook
Slime green can follow you to school and work now thanks to this notebook. 

Slime Green Duck Tape (aka Duct Tape)
Repair all of those whoopsies with this bright, blinding roll of slime green duct tape. 

Vintage Slime Green Sunglasses
This is for all of those out there that can’t get enough of the retro look. These slime green cat-eye sunglasses are a must.  

Slime Green Slime

I had to throw this into the mix. Below, you will find all the slime green slime on your bucket list

Slime Green Stress Egg
This egg full of slime takes the cake with an added bonus, a plastic spider! These slim green gift ideas just keep on getting better!

Jupiter Juice Slime
Let’s throw a planet into the mix! Plus, the container is a huge bonus.

Fluffy Slime Green Slime
Fluffy slime is the best… especially when its slime green!

Nat Geo Slime Lab
This slime kit has everything you need to make your very own green slime. It also glows in the dark!

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Chameleon Hypercolor
My son loves this slime. It comes in a handy tin, to keep it in its place, and it glows in the dark too!

There will be more slime green gift ideas uploaded regularly. Check back often!

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Slime Green Gift Ideas - Thistle Hill