Becoming financial stable is a task in itself. Adding the extra expenses that autism families have to the mix make it next to impossible for many households. Being on this financial road myself, I decided to share what I know about financial tips and tricks for autistic families. Some of this information can also come in handy for families who have special needs kiddos. 

Financial Tips and Tricks for Autistic Families

The financial toll households experience from the extra cost of care, therapy, insurance, and many other areas can take a HUGE financial toll. Most families use their time and resources taking their kids to therapy and appointments. A majority of the time that is left is spent on providing a safe household for their kids to thrive, researching, and taking care of the rest of the members in the household. 

Personally, first, we struggled with getting a diagnosis. This stopped us from accessing the appropriate therapy and care that insurance would have provided with a diagnosis. Without it, we were left waiting in limbo for a few years until we finally got our son to see a Behavioral Psychologist. While we waited (for over 2 years!) the only service the insurance would cover was play therapy. His pediatrician slapped our son, J, with an anxiety diagnosis and that was enough to get those 45-minute sessions a week covered. We were also able to bump those appointments up to 2x a week, but that was it. For two years, that was all of the support we received. 

After he received his autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, there were still hoops we had to jump through before care started. We also had to go through testing through the local school district to get his IEP rolling. Overall J didn’t start services for 3 more months after he received his diagnosis. 

During that time, I had very little time to none at all to work. My husband was pulled in several directions too. We had children to care for and jobs to get done. We are still feeling the financial toll almost a year after the diagnosis. 

After being in a few Autism support groups on Facebook, I noticed that there is a huge financial burden plaguing families of special needs kids. In an attempt to help, I created the Facebook group, Financial Tips and Tricks for Families on the Autism Spectrum

Some of the topics we will or have discussed include:

  • Savings on Supplements & Vitamins
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Insurance 
  • SSI 
  • Freebies 
  • Amazon Deals

If you have any other topic suggestions, you’re welcome to request information in the group. I will do my best to help and there is a great community of parents that also might have some tricks up their sleeves to share!