My kiddo loves everything emoji, so it was no surprise when this emoji snack mix became his new all time favorite!

It couldn’t come at a better time, because the Emoji movie is coming out in theaters July 28th, 2017! 

All of those emoji expressions give us parents the opportunity to talk about feelings. Everyone has feelings. They can be overwhelming and hard to understand sometimes. It seems to be even more difficult when your kiddo has ASD.

Emoji Snack Mix Recipe - Thistle Hill

We have discovered that emoji’s have helped communication with my kiddo, J, by pointing, identifying, and mimicking each emoji emotion. We use this Emoji Card Game and go through the different emotions; happy, sad, angry, scared, crying, and more.

After we started doing this, he would identifying his feelings as he feels them throughout the day. When he starts crying, he’ll say to me through the tears, “Crying, crrryyyying!” It comes with a little animation on his face as well. I tell him I’m sorry and I want him to be happpyyyyy! Which usually makes him giggle.

Through it all, these little emoji’s are worth more than I’ve given them credit in the past. And now, there is a movie to go along with these emotional emoticons! The Emoji Movie is released on July 28th, 2017! We don’t always see movies in theaters, they have to be a certain kind of special. This movie fits that mold to a T. I cannot wait until it arrives in theaters. 

In anticipation of the Emoji Movie release date, we made this fun and yummy emoji snack mix recipe! It’s pretty easy to make and requires no baking or cooking. All you need are a few ingredients! 

Gather these few things to make the emoji snack mix. I couldn’t find them at my local grocery store, so I utilized the convenience of Amazon and placed my order

Emoji Snack Mix Recipe Ingredients:


You can also pick up the Snack sized Pack of Emoji Graham Crackers. Purchasing the option above, would probably save a few bucks. 

We used yellow m&m’s to give the snack a little sunshine for the crying and miserable emojis that had been added to the mix. J enjoyed this 


Emoji Snack Mix Recipe
An emoji filled snack mix that rocks that emoticon language!
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  1. 2 cups Honeymaid Emoji Movie Graham Snacks
  2. 1 cup yellow M&M candy
  3. 1 cup pretzel twists
  4. 1/2 cup chocolate chips, this is absolutely a necessity for this recipe, because it represents the poop emoji!
  1. Gather all of your ingredients
  2. Mix them in a large bowl
  3. Serve! Easy as 1,2,3
Thistle Hill