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I finally sat down and made the best emoji finds list to help fill your life with these adorable emojis! My list includes a little bit of everything, from an emoji backpack, card games, stamps, and even an Emoji Gumball Machine

Let’s get expressive with these best emoji finds!

The Best Emoji Finds and Goodies - Thistle Hill

My boys love everything that has to do with emojis. Recently, we made an Emoji Snack Mix for the upcoming emoji movie! Now we can move right along to these really cool emoji goodies! 

The Best Emoji Find (and Emoji Goodies) Ever!

Emoji Backpack: From the pizza emoji to the alien emoji, I think just about every emotional emoji shows up on this backpack. Perfect for back to school or to have on hand for car trips and overnight visits. If you don’t care for this design…. take a look at all the different Emoji Backpacks

Emoji ToothbrushKeep your grill sparkling happy with this emoji toothbrush! You’ll be able to kick the brush your teeth struggle with the help of this guy!

Emoji Fidget Spinner: Smiley face, sad face, kissy face, and poop emojis are all over these fidget spinners. Perfect for the kiddo who can’t stay still. There are even emoji fidget spinners that light up! There’s also a set of 6 emoji spinners inside of one package. Click on your favorite below to find the details about each fidget spinner. 

Mystic Emoji 8 Ball: I remember 8 balls that would answer your yes or no questions….. well now, you can have that 8 ball prediction given by a lol emoji! 

Emoji Maker: Crayola has done it again with their Emoji Maker art kit. You can mix colors and make emoji stamps to use on your artistic creations. Perfect for the little artist in your life.

Emoji Coloring Book: Color all of your favorite emojis with this emoji coloring book. It is full of funnies, quotes, and of course, your favorite emojis. 

Emoji Stress Balls: Squish emoji faces to relieve some stress! These emoji stress balls will bring some laughter after you see the kinds of expressions they will make.

Emoji Gumball Machine: This old fashioned gumball machine dispenses emoji gumballs!

3 in 1 Emoji Pillow Nerd Face: This emoji pillow has it all. It can be a neck pillow, regular pillow, backpack, and it is even an iPad holder! Perfect for traveling in the car, and snuggling up with at night.

Emoji Chia Pet: So excited about this one! Ch Ch Ch Chia! There are a few different ones to choose from. All of them are so cute. Who thought emojis could be cute with hair?!?

Emojilinks Card Game: Add a little emotion to your family game night with this emoji card game! Fun for the whole family!

As I come across more amazing emoji finds, I will add them here! Do you have any must-have emoji items? Share them with all of us in the comments! 

Come back soon for more emoji goodies as I continue to add to the list 🙂